Videos Shown in Class

A smattering of videos shown to the CCA Interface classes

Lots of data downloading. Please be patient.

Macro-Cymatic Visual Music Instrument Demo from mvjakobsons on Vimeo.

Demonstration of my “Macro-Cymatic Visual Music Instrument” which transforms sound into fluid motion and light.
Built April 2016 at Djerassi Resident Artist Program.
Materials: Epoxy Resin, Acrylic Plexiglas, Programmable RGB LED’s controlled by Arduino
More info see

Octobot: A Soft, Autonomous Robot from Wyss Institute on Vimeo.

Filament Sculptures from Lia on Vimeo.

Reuben Margolin – Kinetic Wave Sculptures from on Vimeo.

Data as Immersive Installations

Traces, Physical Programming of Freeform Folding in Soft Matter. from dana zelig on Vimeo.

Design at the Intersection of Technology and Biology | Neri Oxman |

Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures from Pier 9 on Vimeo.

INTOTHEZONE from andrew benson on Vimeo.

ADA – analog interactive installation / kinetic sculpture from Karina Smigla-Bobinski on Vimeo.

Robot readable world from Timo on Vimeo.

Start of videos shown to the IxD Interface class 1/22/15.


Liquid Time Series from Camille Utterback on Vimeo.


Controlling Sound With Your Face (And Vice Versa) from The Creators Project on Vimeo.

Live at the Lab from SUE-C on Vimeo.

Cheese from Christian Moeller on Vimeo.

Box by Bot and Dolly.

Poultry Internet.

NOISY JELLY from Raphaƫl Pluvinage on Vimeo.

Propulsion Paintings: Class Medley from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Electronic origami: Input/Output blintz folding from Jie Qi on Vimeo.

Eye Writer Trailer from The Ebeling Group on Vimeo.

Firewall from Aaron Sherwood on Vimeo.

Dyskograf from Jesse Lucas on Vimeo.

Cheek to Cheek (2000) from Bernie Lubell on Vimeo.

…and the Synapse Sweetly Singing (2003) Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA from Bernie Lubell on Vimeo.


Augmented Structures v2.0 / Istanbul Design Biennial from WE.DREAM CO on Vimeo.

Machine with Wishbone – Arthur Ganson .

Machine with Roller Chain – Arthur Ganson .

Machine with Chair – Arthur Ganson .

Knife Throwing Machine from ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ – Arthur Ganson .